30 November 2012

Days 134-140: St Augustine – 24/11/12–30/11/12

Well another week has passed, much in the same vane – work and wandering.  We promised ourselves that we would make sure that each day we spent some time enjoying ourselves by going out and seeing the sight and although we have done that, we haven’t done any where near as much of the enjoying side as we should have done.

Mike has been up to his ears in engine muck – oil and God knows what.  I practically have to hose him down each time he appears from the black hole but the engine rooms are beginning to sparkle.  No oil leaks, no greasy puddles, rust removed and new paint applied.  Very smart.

Having failed to find a steam cleaning service, I am cleaning the sofa cushions by hand with a fabric cleaning spray, a damp cloth and a lot of elbow grease.  They are coming up well.

The dehumidifier is working a treat and it has an added bonus – it throws warm air out of the back so we have been able to use it as an overnight heater to help out with the cold nights.

The weather has been up and down, cold and grey one day, warm and sunny the next but the pattern seems to have been set now for the latter for which I am very glad.

I have discovered just how much I like wood turning and have gradually been buying up some rather lovely bowls to take home.  I can’t wait to see them exhibited in my lounge.

Today we took some time off to meet up with some people we met in Boothbay Harbour, friends of Judy and Joe’s, who live not far away from us in the winter.  They took us to a restaurant called The Conch House where we had alligator tails as an appetizer.  The meat was soft and tender but as it was deep fried in a crispy coating, it could have been chicken for all I knew.  My main was delicious – whole Maine lobster with a prawn and cream sauce.

Naturally, eating a largeish meal at lunchtime and having a glass of wine (literally one) meant that it was time for a sleep when we got back although I had to drag myself out of bed and go in search of milk for our tea.  Of course I had to walk past the lovely wood gallery on my way and bought yet another bowl.  Well, it spoke to me!

St Augustine continues to delight.  I don’t know what it is about the town but there is just such a lovely atmosphere.  True it is very touristy – there are trolley buses, road trains and horse and coaches everywhere you look, and they are all packed – but it still manages to feel, I don’t know, right somehow.  There is so much history here and it shows in the architecture and the infrastructure and it has all been very well preserved.  I’m just glad that we get to come back here next year.  Hopefully we will be doing less work and more play then!

P1130907 P1130909 P1130915 P1130920 P1130921 P1130922 P1130923 P1130924 P1130926 P1130934 P1130935 P1130936 P1130937 P1130940 Photos:  Another week rolls by in beautiful St Augustine


Position:  29 deg 53 min N, 81 deg 18 min W

Distance so far:  3573 miles

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